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2009-11-13 02:11 am

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wish i didn't puke in my mouth so often.

thanks for nothing, body!
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2009-11-02 08:44 pm

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the new lucero album makes me want to run miles upon miles, get profoundly drunk, ride my bike forever, drive outrageously fast in the boonies, play my saxophone, learn how to play guitar & accordion, dance, line dance, fix my car, sing, go to austin, go to nawlins, die, and explode all at once.
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2009-01-28 03:06 pm

dear sun:

please shine brighter and longer. it would really help out my very occasional induced by sleeping in/taking pain pills melancholy.

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2008-08-31 11:15 am


Johnny Tight Lips
Favorite Killing Spot: The Kitchen
Biggest Enemy: Hairy Knuckles Hal
Favorite Weapon: Stilletto
Eyes Gouged: Eighteen
People Iced: Twenty Six
Arms Broken: One
Car Bombs Planted: Fourty Two
Tounges Cut Off: Nineteen

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2007-08-15 02:16 am

(no subject)

when did we lose ourselves?
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2006-05-26 11:02 am

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oh yeahhhhhhh.

this is friends only.